Why do people sponsor our team and FIRST as a whole? Because sponsors realize the importance of a better educated new generation, one which is taught important lessons about teamwork, leadership, and "Gracious Professionalism.” Sponsors provide the team with the resources needed to educate members about technology, engineering, and the values of FIRST. These companies and organizations know that the future rests with the students, and that better members of society mean a better future.

General Motors

General Motors

General Motors, a leading automobile manufacturer based in Detroit, MI, is actively working towards future technologies. For this reason, they support numerous FIRST teams in the Detroit area, including the Hammerheads. GM supports the Hammerheads Team through both monetary and mentorship means. They provide us with our wonderful and insightful engineering mentors as well as machine shop usage to manufacture our robot. Without them, we would not be able to compete in the FRC arena. Thanks GM!

Delphi Automotive

Delphi Logo

Delphi Automotive is a world leading automotive parts supplier based in Troy, MI. They work heavily with our signature sponsor, General Motors. Delphi has approximately 146,000 employees (18,900 in the U.S.) and operates 150 wholly owned manufacturing sites, 44 joint ventures, 53 customer centers and sales offices, and 33 technical centers in 38 countries. In efforts to develop a sustainable future in industry, Delphi graciously sponsors the FIRST organization and Team 226, the Hammerheads. Thanks Delphi!

Gallagher-Kaiser Corporation

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Since their establishment in 1952, Gallagher-Kaiser (GK) is proud to remain a privately owned company with a distinguished history of expertise within the industrial process industry. Operating from offices in Troy, Michigan and Detroit, Michigan, GK continues to provide leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers around the world with turnkey solutions to their toughest challenges, performing everything from design conception to the management of complex paint finishing systems. Over their 60-plus year history, GK has steadily grown to become North America’s top paint finishing supplier. Industry leaders, like General Motors, know they can count on GK to stay on top of today’s incredibly complex paint finishing systems. That’s one reason why Gallagher-Kaiser was named GM Supplier of the Year in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

As an innovator in their field, GK supports the FIRST FRC program through Team 226, the Hammerheads

Stanley Engineered Fastening

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Family Sponsors

A big thank to our families for their never-ending support not only during the build season, but all year long. Some have continued to support the team even after their students have graduated. The team just wouldn't be the same without them!