The Hammerheads

Mission: To spread the principles and values of FIRST while increasing enthusiasm about math, science, and technology in our community.

Goal: To enrich the lives of our members and all those we interact with through our outreach programs and the spirit of FIRST.

The Hammerhead’s mission is to inspire young students into pursuing science and technology into their careers and give them the opportunity to succeed through the fun and learning experiences FIRST provides us. We also support communication, self-confidence, leadership, and of course gracious professionalism. As a team, we are motivated to win because of our excellent mentors and leaders of the team and the individual effort we all put in.

"To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders." - Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST.

The Hammerheads have successfully encouraged many former students into pursuing science and technology into their careers. Many of the current students are passionate and excited about learning new things and helping our team. FIRST provides students a way to challenge themselves and building skills in different areas but focusing primarily on science and technology.

The Hammerheads also emphasize our mission to teach students to improve communication. With the many subgroups, communication is an essential factor in finishing our tasks quickly and effectively. So, we emphasize communication in order to run a more productive team and these communication skills benefit students as they move on to further education.

Self-confidence is another attribute portrayed by many Hammerheads. By feeling pleased and accomplished with the work we do, our self-confidence increases no matter we lose or win.

There are many leadership opportunities offered by Hammerheads. Students can shine through their persistent effort and hard work and take positions requiring strong leadership qualities. Hammerhead leaders have strong qualities that help them excel in future education thanks to the variety of opportunities and support given by mentors of the Hammerheads.

The Hammerhead’s mission highlights gracious professionalism as an attribute for the Hammerheads. We are fierce competitors but also respectful and appreciative of other teams.

Every Hammerhead’s vision is to win, however, our number one mission is for our students to take meaningful attributes to further education and obtain great skills from this experience. FIRST provides us with great opportunities and we have used them to our advantage.


"Knowledge is Power but Enthusiasm Throws the Switch."