What is FIRST?


FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a program for kids ages 6-18. FIRST is a non-profit organization devoted to help younger children develop a passion for engineering, technology, science, and math. In recent statistics, this program interested 210,000 youth and more than 90,000 mentors, volunteers, and coaches in the world. Thus, FIRST has attracted more students than any other engineering-student-run program and it is the most well-known. Twenty years ago, the inventor Dean Kamen created this plan to inspire teenagers to become leaders in science and technology and he became the first man to create such a program. Students that have participated in FIRST have higher chances to go college and major in engineering or other science fields.

FIRST Competitions

FIRST competitions include (in order of grade level) JrFLL, FLL, FTC, and FRC. Competitions help students with building self-confidence, communication, and leadership and it also helps schools gain recognition. Various competitions help students build self-confidence because they are supported with team members who have worked hard. Students can become more free with their environment by making new friends so they can positively give out ideas and support the team. Leadership roles are greatly rewarded coming into college especially if you are aimed toward engineering for further education. FIRST provides additional leadership roles for students who want to benefit this team.

Core Values

Core values include team unity, problem-solving as a group with guidance from mentors, gaining the spirit of friendly competition, sharing experiences from others, and having fun. FIRST educates students to have gracious professionalism and cooperation as they represent their team professionally and are humble, yet a little competitive, towards other teams. With these characteristics, students are more modest and supportive in competitions and are prepared for real-world situations. FIRST helps students work together as a group to solve major problems so it can create similarities to the real world. The experiences gained in FIRST will not only be informational and educational, but will also provide as unforgettable and fun memories throughout high school. FIRST has accomplished its goal and will continue succeeding at its mission to inspire students.

Who are these Kamen and Flowers Guys?

Woodie Flowers & Dean Kamen

Dean Kamen is the founder of FIRST. What started in 1989 as his simple robotics exposition in New Hampshire has evolved into an international, 35,000+ student program. Before FIRST, he was well known as inventor of the Segway, among countless other devices such as sterling engines for clean water and power productions. His company, DEKA, is reportedly moving towards solar powered devices, but is still known for the robotics and controls development that the FIRST program centers on.

Woodie Flowers is another central figure in, and co-founder of the FIRST Robotics Program. He currently serves on the Game and Kit design boards, but is also the namesake for the Woodie Flowers award. This award is given to one mentor each year that most genuinely embodies the principles of FIRST with his or her work with a team. Outside of FIRST,Dr. Flowers is the Pappalardo Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Distinguished Partner at Olin College.

Learn more at the FIRST website.