We believe that volunteers are vital to building strong, sustainable, and enriching communities. The Hammerheads are a constant presence in our local waters.  We volunteer at Yad Ezra, a local food bank; Grace Centers of Hope, a homeless shelter; and Gods Helping Hands, a provider of food and clothing; and packed food boxes during the holiday at the Zion Church.  Through Summer in the City, our members joined together in a large community effort to cleanup, restore, and paint areas of Detroit.  We have great fun volunteering at the Troy Community Center  where we are able to use our knowledge and FIRST experiences working with the youth science and technology camps.  Similarly, we donate time at THE ROBOT GARAGE camps and workshops.We also collect Coke Reward Points to donate to charities, such as Toys for Tots, Boys and Girls clubs, Heart Health, Haitian Relief, and Habitat for Humanity.  Most recently we have donated our coke rewards to ARCTIC HOME, where together with Coca Cola and the World Wildlife Fund our points help to create a safe haven for the polar bears.  These activities allow us to practice FIRST values in our everyday lives as we help those in need.

Name / Location Description Our Involvement

Yad Ezra

Berkley, MI

Yad Ezra Logo

Provides free appropriate food, toiletries and household cleaning items to low-income Jewish families in Southeast Michigan. 
We sort food items and stock shelves, fill item lists for clients, weed and water their vegtable garden, collapse boxes, and anything else they.

Grace Centers of Hope
Pontiac, MI


Provides refuge, safety and security, a home for those without one, and a wide range of programs to help people in need. We prepared food for, and cooked meals.

God's Helping Hands

Rochester, MI

Provide free food and clothing to those in need in southeastern Michigan.

We sort donated clothing, stock shelves, prep food and serve meals as needed.

Summer in the City
Carpool from THS to Detroit
A Detroit nonprofit organization that’s transforming the impact volunteers have on Detroit and Detroit has on volunteers. We work with the community in
an effort to cleanup, restore, and paint areas of Detroit. There is nary a mural painted that doesn’t have a Troy volunteer’s touch.

Troy Community Center
Troy, MI
Designed and built with the idea to provide
something for everyone."
We help young children build egg-drop vehicles, soccer robots, and other STEM related activities at science and technology summer camps.

Birmingham, MI


A year-round PLACE for LEGO® and robotic enthusiasts of all ages providing hands-on experiences that are as entertaining as they are educational. We help yound children during their robotics camps, and instructors cleanup after.

Coke Reward Points


Coca-Cola makes donations to a wide range of great causes, including scholarships, the environment, and safe havens where kids can learn and grow. By donating Coke Reward Points to a cause, we help others in our communities. We have donated to Toys for Tots, Boys and Girls Clubs, Heart Health, Haitian Relief and most recently, Arctic Home is to help create a safe haven for polar bears.

FLL + FTC Teams
Troy Middle & Elementary Schools


FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge introduce younger students to real-world engineering challenges. We mentor them by helping with teamwork, projects, programming and building of their robots, all while having fun instilling FIRST values in future Hammerheads.