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We are FRC Team 226, the Hammerheads. We've competed annually in FIRST Robotics Competition since 1999. Our team is composed of students from Troy HS and Athens HS in Troy, MI.

We receive great support from the Troy School District and our sponsors, as well as from our wonderful mentors from GM and parent volunteers. Read more.

Athens Football Game

2016/10/24Our robotics 226 team went wild at this recent Athens High School football game. We had brought our famous T shirt launcher and blasted shirts at all the Athens students into the wild stands. This was a great experience for all our members that came. They all had a great time and were so glad that they had come, and so were the Athens students. Shoutout to all our members that participated with this event!

Michigan Science Center Outreach


11/19/2016 — Annually the team hosts Sharkfest an FLL and JrFLL competition. This year proved to be yet another successful Sharkirafest with our many volunteers that spent countless hours beforehand to prepare for this competition. It was a quite a sight watching many of these young minds come together to solve the problem of Animal Allies and Creature Craze. All teams worked hard getting their robot ready for competition and getting ready for the presentation of their solutions.

Bloomfield Hills All-Girls Competition


Second Home Football Game

09/23/2016—Team 226's T-Shirt shooting robot worked its magic at Troy Colt's football home game #2 on. Using 20 donated T-Shirts, courtesy of Mr. Dan House, Assistant Principal, and Mr. Werenka from Student Government, our robot's air canon propelled t-shirts after t-shirts to the chanting crowd. Special thanks to Rahul Saxena, Arhely Mendoza, and Raahul Ravi for handling the robot during the football game.

Kettering Kickoff

09/16/2016—This past weekend, we visited Flint, MI to compete in the annual offseason event, Kettering Kickoff. 49 teams came down to participate in the friendly and fun event from all around the state of Michigan. Our team had a lot of fun cheering on both our season drivers and all-new backup drivers as they took the field with our Stronghold bot. We were selected for the 4th alliance, and with our partners, Gems (Team 4362) and Titanium Tigers (Team 5114), we advanced all the way to the finals!

Barnes and Noble

8/27/2016—With school in the horizon, what’s better than going to Barnes and Noble to get your last-minute summer reading books? The answer is supporting robotics! We, the 226 Hammerhead team is hosting our largest annual fundraising collaboration with the bookstore, Barnes and Nobles. But for the first time in years, we are actually hosting two bookstore fundraisers with our first location being in the Barnes and Nobles in Rochester Hills. If you missed our first fundraising between 8/27/16 - 9/1/16, do not fret as there will be another one around December.

Troy District Competition

04/06/2016 — It is that time of year again when our team, 226, has been given the privilege to host our own district FRC competition. It takes place at Athens High School and for the set up, each of our volunteers diligently worked together to carry, piece, and put together the field and pit area. The team’s large number of members comes very handy in a time like this because with everybody pitching in, it only took two days to complete set-up.

Midland Competition

03/18/2016 - And with the FRC competition season starting, we, along with 39 other teams, crashed into Dow High School as we battled in the Midland Great Lakes Bay Region District FRC. The trip was an over-night stay, so team 226 brought along some of its most eager soldiers and crew – including rookies and veterans alike – to the battlefield. We were all ready to start the season as the driver team spent countless of hours practicing and the engineering team fixing and tweaking the robot as the days counted down to the start of the competition.